The long hair struggle is real right now. Whoever said “Long hair don’t care” has fairytale Disney princess-eque hair where no single strand is off.

"Long hair looks so good on you though!!"

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"My stupid father thinks he can just…” Eileen broke off, too frustrated to continue.


"Is he remarrying? Because I know how that is…"

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Eileen walked back and forth, pacing in front of the lake. In her hand, she held a letter. Her eyes traced over the words again, as if to be sure they said what she thought. “What is he doing? Four years and now this?”


Anais was taking a walk by the lake when she saw Eileen looking distraught. She goes over to her, curious as to what’s bothering her. “What’s wrong?”

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ARTIST: Taylor Swift
TRACK: Out Of The Woods
ALBUM: 1989
4,338 plays
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*Stands there with a cheekish smile on his face as he listens to her sing*


-She gives him a strange look, but continues to sing-

"I need you darling, Come on set the tone, If you feel you’re falling, Won’t you let me know, Oh-Oh-Oh-Ooh-Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh-Ooh-Oh, If you love me come on get involved, Feel it rushing through you from your head to toe, Oh-Oh-Oh-Ooh-Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh-Ooh-Oh, Sing!"

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Screw diets. Eat!


Agggh!! Fine! Give me some of that!

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"It’s late in the evening, Glass on the side, I’ve been sat with you, For most of the night, Ignoring everybody here, We wish they would disappear, So maybe we could get down now

I don’t wanna know, If you’re getting ahead of the program, I want you to be mine, lady, To hold your body close, Take another step into the no-man’s land, For the longest time lady…”

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It’s strange.


It was fantastic!  Oh my gods, there were so many new stores to go shopping at!


Gods, that sounds amazing!!! I’m jealous! I hope you bought enough clothes to share!

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Not a bad thing.


I’m trying so hard to stay on my new diet…but that looks so yummy!

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Alright, darling! Pick what you like, I know you’ll take good care of these pieces. 


Of course! I will wear them with utmost confidence!! Thank you so much, mom!

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